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What is the Real Estate outlook in Antelope valley?

The median price change in the antelope valley has been very positive over last year’s levels.

Here is the breakdown by zip code and locale.

Acton 93510 - 7 sales median price $599,000 + 14.5% Year Over year

Mid Lancaster 93534 –  41 sales median price $245,000 + 28.8% Year Over year

East Lancaster 93535 – 104 sales median price $240,000 + 12.2% Year Over year

West Lancaster 93536 - 116 sales median price $336,000 + 5.5% Year Over year

Littlerock 93543 – 16 sales median price $265,000 + 53.3% Year Over year

Mid Palmdale 93550 – 66 sales median price $245,000 +7.9% Year Over year

West Palmdale 93551 – 77 sales median price $365,000 + 4.3% Year Over year

East Palmdale 93552 – 51 sales median price $290,000 + 13.7% Year Over year

North Littlerock 93591 – 6 sales median price $185,000 + 5.7% Year Over year

Profit Taking may be a good move for you

You may have significant equity in your home. Most property owners I speak with are un-aware that their property values have jumped as much as they have over the last three years in the Antelope Valley. It is a great time to profit from your equity by listing your home. You may also consider a 1031 exchange. With this program you can exchange your property for a property of equal or greater value without paying any capital gains tax. You could acquire a larger home while not paying any taxes on the transaction.

It is an excellent time purchase a home for First Buyers

Rents have increased to about $1 per square foot of living space. In many cases it is now less expensive to purchase your own home than to rent. There is also a significant tax benefit from owning rather than renting. Increasing home values means that purchasing a home will be a good investment going forward. Unlike renting you will acquire equity as time goes by.

Mortgage interest rates are still at 40 year lows. Right now they are around 4.0%. Here is an example of purchasing over renting:  A 1527 square Foot home in your neighborhood will sell for around $229,000. Your payment including principle, interest, taxes and insurance would be $1374 per month. The same home would rent for $1500 per month. My lenders have many programs to get you the funding you need. FICO scores required have been reduced and there are many loan options available - FHA, VA and other programs with low down payments. They also have down payment assistance programs.

My goal is to protect your equity

I will protect your equity by negotiating the best possible net outcome (money in your pocket) something you won’t get from an online or discount agency. You will have a full time agent to walk your transaction through escrow. I will put all my resources and my entire Century 21 success team to work for you!

I can provide a free professional listing presentation.

My listing presentation will include:                                                                                                                                            

  1. A professional Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

  2. A Net Sheet – An invoice containing the estimated profit to you after the transaction.

  3. Your property profile.

  4. Century 21 Agency profile

Homes Recently Sold in your Neighborhood:

  • 45651 Berkshire Street has recently sold for $290,000.  This is well above the median sales price for Lancaster of $245,000

  • 1756 West Ave H4 also sold recently for $255,000

  • 1526 Avenue H15 sold for $230,000

  • 1424 W Avenue H8 sold for $235,000

  • 1221 Avenue H4 sold for 260,000