I can offer you a better alternative of apartment ownership with huge benefits. I can put you into another Real Estate Investment that can be structured with the following benefits to you:

1. You could potentially triple your current cash flow

2. You will still be a Real Estate Owner

3. You will not be responsible for taxes, Maintenance or Insurance

4. You will only have one "Tenant" to content with.

5. You can use a 1031 exchange for the transaction with no taxes coming out of your proceeds from the sale of your current property

Sound Interesting?

I would love to put you into one of these very lucrative investments. All that is required that you  have enough equity in your apartment to complete the deal. I can provide you with a complete listing package with no charge and no obligation. This package includes the following:

1. A Multi - Layer Marketing Plan

2. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): Tells us what the market is saying about your property's value in today's market.

3. A Net Sheet: Lists an estimate of what you get from the sale minus commissions and fees.

I can show you how to put your apartment sale proceeds toward this outstanding Real Estate Investment.

This may be great opportunity for you and your whole family. Please contact me for details